It would be better for me trying to be more careful in everything I say or write now. Because I don't want to hurt any beautiful hearts, don't want to provoke any peaceful state of minds, don't want to lose anyone's trusts, and don't want to destroy any good relationships, anymore.

Yeah, I'd better be.  

What I Wear Today?


I super love our baby stroller that we got as a present from my cousin, but when I need to go out and about just by myself, using stroller is not really handy because our Combi Miracle Turn is a two-fold stroller, so it's a bit tricky for me to fold with one hand at the same time while the other hand is used to carry the baby  every time I take the bus (in Singapore's buses, prams and pushchairs should be folded). Therefore, babywearing to the rescue! I have several type of baby wearing carrier, such as wrap from Hanaroo, ring sling from Moms in Mind, and buckle/soft-structured carrier from ErgoBaby.

And here's my quick review:

Visiting Newborns

Looking back to nine months ago when I  gave birth to S, I just cant stop smiling and feeling grateful that we made the rightest decision to have the baby delivered here in Singapore, a neighbor country where we have no family and *not many* friends. It was a rather quiet and peaceful moment that we only shared with our loved and special ones, without exaggerated visitors.

I know this will sound a bit harsh for our society that usually described by a strong sense of belonging to relationships and close attachment to common traditions or concerns. I'm sorry for feeling this way though, but we, these new mothers, are very desperate to cuddle our baby, and to have a rest after the exhausting labor and delivery process as well.  Sooo.. Greeting guests and serving visitors are the least things we want to do at that time. I guess I was just lucky that I was not only having an easy deliver process, but I also didn't get many visitors when I was warded in the maternity unit because most of my family and friends live in Jakarta. Of course I did get some family friends coming in, but they were all  being understanding and aware of how this new mother feels. Most of them came in, congratulated us, and left the premise after 20-30 minutes.