Eid Mubarak 1437 H!

On the eid fitr day a week ago, we attended the eid prayer at one of Singapore's stadium. Four of us, my husband, mother, daughter, and me myself managed to arrive at the stadium thirty minutes at 8.00 am before the prayer started so we could still get the first row. Alhamdulillah..

During ramadhan, baby S always woke up during sahur time together with us, and then she went back again to sleep after fajr prayer until 8.00 - 8.30 am. So on the eid day, she's still half asleep as she hasn't got used to early morning activities, because that day we started at 6 am, bathed her first, fed her, and then got her all dressed up with the gamis and hijab that my best friend gave as a present. Love love love!

Look at this picture of baby S wearing hijab. She was still sleepy though so she didn't want to smile to the camera.

I'm so grateful that I could spend ramadhan and eid fitr this year with my mother coming here, even though we couldn't gather with all of our family in Indonesia :(. Hopefully next year would be better, we could spend the day in Indonesia, surrounded by both sides of our family. It's already my third eid fitr that I celebrated in Singapore from these last four years since I live here.

Hopefully, we still have the chance to meet Ramadhan and Eid fitr next year, aamiin!