Our Weekends

I've been questioned a lot by my family and friends lately whether we want to go back for good from SG anytime in the future. Well, I answered that question mostly with "Yes, we DO want, but we don't know when it will be". As of now, my husband enjoys his time with his company and really loves what he's doing there. We're actually still thinking about what we are going to do after we move to Indonesia. Should I go back to work? What about develop a startup? Children education wise, what kind of school should we send our daughter to? Since we haven't settled with our plans for the next 5 years yet, I should still keep considering that this country as my home, where we grow together raising our kid(s). 

Anyway, as a small country as it is, SG is surprisingly not that boring for me,  we can do different things every weekend or public holiday, going to playgrounds nearby, libraries, water parks, exhibitions, and the beach too! Where most of them are free though.