Little Good Time

It was very nice for me to be able to meet a good friend and have a little talk about everything, this and that, just like the old times. It seemed like that it's already been a long time since I had a friend to whom I can talk to that physically in front of me. Face to face. I really felt good. Because honestly I don't really have many close friends living here right now. 

This is T.P, one of my best friends from Master's class. I really thanked her the time we spent on her short visit to Singapore and for the stories shared when we went sightseeing to GbtB. It made really kind of feel good, for still having good friends, though not so many. 

Biking to Bedok Reservoir

After went biking to Gardens by the Bay two weeks ago as my first trial to bike with  mobike, a bicycle sharing platform. Last Sunday my husband and I biked to Bedok Reservoir using two mobike bicycles for each of us, while our daughter was carried by my husband using baby carrier for the whole entire time. 

Now I think about it, there's a lot of perks of living in Singapore that I wouldn't be able to find in another place, and this is just one of them. We had a lot of things to do for the weekend, without going to the malls so much. 

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It's kinda ironic that when I strongly encourage my child to engage with books as an important part of her daily activities at home, I don't even give myself a some time to read any books. I love reading so much when I was still single that my money was spent mostly in buying books, despite the fact that I had a very demanding work and school life. 

Well, I think it's time to start giving myself a chance to have a good time to read books. After doing some reflection to the past, I know that there's no such excuse for not being able to read because of the hustle and bustle of life. 

Toilet Training pt. 2

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This is a second attempt of toilet training for my daughter S after our first trial back in July after we came back from our travel and short stay in Indonesia. At first, it was very stressful for me as she still couldn't control her bladder yet, but now everything is just getting better day by day, as we're only have one or two accidents a day as we are about to enter the third week. I am confident that she'll be toilet-trained sooner than I expected. We just need to give her a little bit of time. 

Thief of Joy

Maybe I need to keep this famous quote by Theodore Roosevelt in mind every time I think that life was a lot more fun carefree when I was younger. Dude, this is what they called adulthood, so just brace yourself and enjoy it. Whatever it takes to make you feel like you can endure it, don't lose it. And don't stop struggling yet. 

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My baby girl, you might not remember later that you were ever once there since you're still very young. So let's pray that we will someday be able to come back again, and again. 


We will be leaving Jakarta for a week tomorrow insyaAllah. Hopefully everything will be as planned. I'm a bit nervous about this trip because of so many reasons. But.. to a new place, let's go. 

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The story behind a data.
Getting information is one thing. But how it was created, where and by whom can often be illuminating.
Like most pics people post on Instagram or Facebook. They don't realize they just gifted whatever social media site their camera type, phone model, name and location.  All hidden inside the photograph's metadata.

- Elliot Alderson (Mr. Robot's Eps3.3metadata.par2) 

To My Recollection

A good thing about writing blog for me is that I have this one place where I can go to recollect old memories of what kind of person I was when I was younger, what kind of thoughts that racing in my mind, what kind of feelings that ever lingered for particular person, and what kind of circumstances I have been dealing with in the past. By reading my own old blog posts just now, I am thrilled to remember that I was once a brave, bold, and carefree person. 

Although my thoughts were always simple and shallow, I can say that back in my youth, I was that some girl who was full of motivations and dreams inspired by the people around me. Dreams as in achievements in life, obviously. I am a little bit lighthearted when I realize how I was surrounded by great people who loved and cared for me so much; my friends, colleagues, and family. I am delighted as well when I begin to understand that I loved them much more.

You see, even to a dearest friend of mine who betrayed and hurt me the most, I can still feel how grateful I am for the little blissfulness I felt at that time. I have decided to stop trusting this friend long ago indeed, but till now I still cherish the life lessons I've learned after enduring the pain caused. 

I would have never known about learning to love myself, taking another chance again, and growing up without the presence of the people like that. So, thanks to you, my dear friend. Wherever you are right now and whatever you do, I don't care. But I think I will always hope the best for you.

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Now and Then

Another meet up with my friends from Master's class last week. As far as I can remember, I think this was the first time ever we gathered together in a complete group after more than 4 years since we graduated. Geez, seriously. Were have we been all these times?

Well, since I went back to Singapore after Master's thesis final submission and continued living as a housewife, four members of the group got babies, one has just got married months ago, and another one is going to tie her knot in the next couple of weeks insyaAllah. The two guys enrolled themselves again in the same department pursuing PhD degree, the soon-to-be bride continues her career in her office, while the other three are currently being housewives. 

Thinking about then and now, I realize how life's a mystery, how we never know what the future can be. What if I took different decisions back then? Maybe a total different person I would become. But whatever I am defined today, I am so grateful that I took the right decision back then. Always remember that the future is still a mistery, so never give up on embarking it.

Hopefully we can find some other good time to meet like this again! ;) 

Chit Chat

Spent last Saturday evening with my friends after almost a year not seeing them,  though I regularly visited Jakarta every two months. Sigh, another sign of getting old. And there is this thing called traffic jam that I hate the most when talking about meet ups in Jakarta. Anyway, we had a good chit-chat time together.  It's nice to see you all again, girls. 

Second Home

It's been almost two months I stay in Jakarta. I do badly miss Singapore; my apartment, the playgrounds, wide streets, clean air, scorching hot sunny day, and all. My second home. 

Supertree's evening light show @ Garden by the Bay

Be Careful

As it becomes so easy to say or write everything in this high tech internet era and digital age, it's getting even easier too for us to be heard by wider audience and what we say or write could reach people miles away at the other side of the world in a matter of seconds.

Our words could be either helpful or hurtful. If we couldn't say something good, so don't say anything. For both online and offline, always be careful with what we put in writing. That is to say, always think twice before hitting the enter button. 


Both my husband and I are so blessed to still have our parents living their peaceful old-age life joyfully and healthily, seeing their children lead the life as grown ups and be the parents themselves. Thinking about this, I remember one of my posts back in 2010, where I wrote a list of short term life goals that I claimed as the realistic one. Well, looking to what I am today, I can only say that Allah has always been the best Planner for me all my life as He granted me better things than I ever asked for.

I've finally got my master's degree after all the letdowns that almost made me give it up, I have seen more new places and will visit many more insyaAllah, I married a nice and smart person with a specified level of religious commitment, good attitude and behavior, that I believe, has inspired me to be a better muslimah, which with him I have a beautiful child that we raise together, in one of the greatest cities where its streets are extremely safe and crime rates are low; Singapore. 

Although living in Singapore means that I can't always be by mother's side as  I am not living nearby, I am very thankful for the time and effort that my husband puts all the time when my mother needs me to be there with her. 

Can't you see how my husband is a good person, someone who acts and makes decisions based on religious backgrounds and sees syariah as the universal ethics of his life. Barakallahu fik

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Kdrama Shenanigans

Omo! Omo! Omo! Two weeks without anything posted here? I must have been very busy. Yeah right! For these past few weeks I spent my free time religiously watching some K-drama series, thanks to some fellow bloggers I follow who posted about Kdrama (and a stressful circumstance I have been dealing with). I was never a fan of K-Pop and K-drama ever in my life. The only drama I loved was Full House that I watched more than 10 years ago. And I never had any interest to watch any ever since.

It's not until last year when everyone talked about Descendants of the Sun and followed with Goblin, I gave them a try. Anyway, both of them were very good, but to my surprise, I could only wish I loved them. The first 12 episodes of DoTS were great, but I told myself to pretend that the last four episodes were not there at all, as for me, they were unnecessary. I wouldn't say much about Goblin, as everybody already knew that this drama was a hit and popular both among Korea and international audiences. With its talented actors, amazing visual, creative plot, and rich story, no wonder it gained success in the the viewership ratings, but unfortunately it's fantasy (romance) genre with immortal creature concept was not really my thing to begin with. It's just too odd for me.

Descendants of the Sun (KBS2) 

Goblin (TvN) 

Korean dramas I just watched these days  were Healer (action romance) and Oh My Venus (romance comedy). Healer has a more complicated whole plot while OMV's was a bit simple and predictable, but both of them were nicely done and I loooved them.

Healer (KBS2) 

Oh My Venus (KBS2) 

Even though there were crackles of logic connections and lacking in the writing, I still enjoyed them, especially how they delivered the strong chemistry between the main leads. I don't plan to rant more about my disappointments for these series here, because after all, just like someone wrote in a comment column here,
...guess what, ladies. It's all your fault. You got what you asked for. You always demand cute, cute, cute again and some more pretty. So why unhappy? That's exactly what Kdramas are doing now: catering to female audience badly deprived of experiencing "cute" feelings in real life. 

So, I think I will just forget my nonfulfilled expectations and enjoy these entertainments just they way they are. And I also think that  it's enough for now, I don't intend to watch another series (but would love to know any good series from Kdramalands!), at least as a beginner, I already have five Korean dramas under my belt. Not bad, right? Haha. Let's see!

image source 

Rambling about Discipline

I am staying at my mother's house in Jakarta for some couple of weeks right now, a city where I ever lived for more than a decade in my youth, but still I consider this as leaving my little comfort zone back in Singapore. By leaving, I mean I have to experience myself all the problems that people here have to face every single day. I don't want to rant about traffic jam or how rude people are on the streets, it's so horrible but it's something we have to get over since years ago. I already wholeheartedly accept that as a pedestrian, I don't have the privilege of walking safely and pleasantly because I have to share my space with other rushing vehicles. But since one of my reasons here is to accompany my mother attending doctor consultations due to her health issues and I have to stay for a while at least until she gets back to her well condition, I have to spend a lot of time in the waiting room of hospital's polyclinic. And that's when I have been faced with another facts. 

First of all, I have to say that I am relieved to know that now there's a universal health care system that is working in my country. Though there's still a lot of lacks known (like, the long waiting time that I experienced myself), but still it's something that I am grateful for because it's beneficial to the citizens as now everyone has the same chance to access health care service, or.. so I thought.

But you know what, the problems with our society are not necessarily all caused by the government's bad performance to serve the people but also because we, the people, still don't have proper awareness in following the orders and keeping the rules. The lack of discipline is the problem of our people, and it's the cause of our failure to reach greatness.

This is a simple example that I saw yesterday at the doctor's waiting room, where there's a small play area provided for kids under 5 years old.  And there's this notice board in front of play area that states these following rules:

  1. No eating or drinking
  2. Keep this play area clean
  3. This play area is designed for children under 5 years old only
  4. Children must be supervised by an adult
  5. The hospital assumes no liability for any injuries that may occur when the children are not supervised by the guardian.

Everyone can easily read these rules, but when I was there waiting for almost four hours, most of the play area's visitors were so ignorant that they casually broke the rules.

Eating and drinking in the play area. Checked.
Littering and not throwing leftover to the waste bin. Checked.
Letting childen more than 5 years old play in the area, causing an infant push walker destroyed. Checked.
These older children were not supervised, obviously. Checked.

That made me so mad.

Seriously, guys. Parents. We are all role models to our children. How could this country become a great nation when parents like us don't know how to follow simple rules? I don't dare wondering what would our children be in the future. Look at first at what kind of parents they are the children of.

Now that makes me feel sad.

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Khairana Peanut Chocolate Cookies

Once she knew I was going to visit Jakarta two weeks ago, my best friend who lives in Yogyakarta ordered this peanut chocolate cookies from her friend and had it sent to my mother's house. Though I never heard of this brand before, I immediately fell in love the first time I had it in my mouth. And even my toddler loved it too she didn't want to stop munching unless I told her to. 😂 😂

From the feed of its social media platform, I can tell that the people behind Khairana know really well what they are doing, and they're doing great! 


Before I go to bed at night I usually reflect the day we just have passed through, in which I recall the things that we've done for the day. Most of the time I always find myself regretting lot of things I did that shouldn't be done. Just like today, I hate to remember how I yelled at my daughter because she spitted her food at breakfast, how I became angry and ignored her because she refused to have a nap in the afternoon, and how I shouted at her when she didn't listen to me (don't climb on the dining table!). Ah,  parenthood life. 

And at this time of the day I always end up feeling guilty and make me promise to myself that I won't do that ever again, which is rather difficult for me to do though, but I keep telling myself anyway that I should at least try yell less and be calmer every time things begin to work me up. Because even though my intentions are good (develop discipline, reduce risk of injuries, etc), yelling at my child just won't do.

image source: kiddy

Parenthood is not easy, and it doesn't get easier. So they say. 

Toddler Toys

S has just received a present from her cute cousin sister A (and parents, of course) last week. It's something cool that we haven't heard of before. A's mother just said that it's puzzle toy and she hoped we'd like it when she met up at a restaurant. Having known that it's puzzle, we decided to open it later at home because we didn't want S to play it there and may lose some parts of it. It was already too late when we're back home, so we went to bed soon and waited until tomorrow.  

In the next morning after S had been bathed and had her breakfast, I helped her unwrapping the present. Whoa, we're so surprised that it's not the kind of puzzle that we could ever imagine before. It's called Magformers, the magnetic construction set.  
Magformers Sweet House Set (image source

Maybe I am a little bit biased about this, because as an architecture graduate (but not a professional architect) I always find building and construction appealing, even looking to the facade of the houses on the streets we passed by or the brochure of newly launched property development. But I can see that S has begun to enjoy exploring and building structure using simple bricks and construction toys like Lego and wooden blocks. S got hundreds of secondhand Lego Duplo bricks from her cousins and a themed set of  "Sofia the First" that she started to play with since the she's only 15 months old until now. 

As of today, her favorite toys are Lego bricks, Safari Stacking Cubes, plush and stuffed animals, and book with a set of colored pencils. As we don't let her watch the TV or play on the iPad, I'm satisfied that these toys can keep her attention for some good amount of time that I can leave her playing alone to get my household chores done before I join her again. 

Safari Stacking Cubes (image source)

Lego Duplo (image source)

However, the picture below is only toy that Mother of S is eyeing for now. This is a code for everyone who is planning to give present for S, because her father is still reluctant to let me buy it. Hahaha I know I know, no one actually reads this blog so this statement is kind of useless. And I know too that battery operated toys are not recommended by the experts for children developments, so it's not like that it is really worth having though. 

Leapfrog My Own Laptop (image source)

But who can resist the cuteness? Hehe.

About Traveling

Though I'm not a seasoned traveler, I think I can say that I ever once loved traveling so much when I was younger. It's not that I don't like to go traveling anymore now though, but stepping into a whole new life means new roles with different responsibilities and priorities. As a homemaker living in the most expensive city in the world with average household monthly income provided by the husband as the sole breadwinner of the family, traveling is not in the top of our financial goal list. We live frugally and have tracked every cent of our money for years, yet we're still struggling until now to settle our emergency fund. What about our child's education budget plan? Retirement fund? Well, it is still a far cry from *even* being planned. There is still a lot of effort we need to make. I still have to continuously remind my generous husband about saving by living modestly, and preach things like 'do not splurge and waste money to buy unimportant stuffs for no reasonable excuses', etc.

Hopefully we can save more to have all our priorities settled (or on its way to get there, at least) so we can move forward to get another goal (of mine) accomplished soon, to travel more often and visit more new places, hehe. Aamiin.

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About Mobile Phone

Look at the picture below, and answer this question, which one is your first mobile phone? If you find it there, then.. Congratulation! You're old! Haha. Most of these mobile phones were released in early 2000s, so if you're still a teenager at that time (considering that one got his first cellphone when one entered his teenhood age), it means that you're in your 30s now. Not that old, though!

So, which one is my first mobile phone? 

I have to honestly answer that my first  and bulkiest mobile phone ever is not included in the picture above. You know what, my first mobile phone was Motorola Microtac given by my father when I was only a 7th grader in 1999! MasyaAllah, I'm actually that old.

Back at that time, my late father was working as a civil officer serving ministry of law and human rights office, so he had a high level of solicitude as he faced files of criminal cases every day in the office, that it made him super protective of his children, especially me. That's why I had the priviledge to get a mobile phone, while my brothers hadn't.

My friends at school thought I'm cool because nobody ever got and brought mobile phone before, but trust me, I wasn't proud at all about it. I mean, look at it. I don't want to hear that I'm ungrateful, but having a mobile phone that cant even fit in your pocket is not handy at all. So most of the time, I left it inside my bag. Checking it out regularly was not necessary because nothing much I could do with it, all I could do was to receive calls from my late father's mobile phone.


Found this words somewhere and all I can think of is my husband.

I know that no one's perfect we all have mistakes. But instead of appreciating his countless kindness, strength, and virtue, I keep overlooking to his weaknesses and flaws. I mindlessly spend our time arguing and demanding for change.

I thank you, you.. For being constantly patient and well-behaved.
Yet I'm sorry for not being able to always look at the bright side of things and cherish them.

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KidsSTOP at Science Centre

We had a chance to visit Science Centre again last month. The first time we brought S to SCS was when she's only 6 months old, because my husband and I attended FOSSASIA event last year. Though we brought S along with us, she didn't really experience the place because she was either sleeping or just playing with her toys in the stroller. 

But at this time we went there again together with her cousins, we decided to visit the KidsSTOP, a sister attraction, instead of the main exhibition. Plus, S was big enough to play and run together with them. This was some of her favorite parts here. 

Flight and Space

The Supermarket 

Human Body

Oh, blurry pictures!

Remain Silent

A note to myself.
Abu Hurairah (May Allah be pleased with him) reported: The Prophet shallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam (ﷺ) said,
مَنْ كَانَ يُؤْمِنُ بِاللَّهِ وَالْيَوْمِ اْلآخِرِ فَليَقُلْ خَيْرًا أَوْ لِيَصْمُت
"He who believes in Allah and the Last Day must either speak good or remain silent."(Muttafaq ‘alaih: Al-Bukhari, no. 6018; Muslim, no.47)

watercolor wreath's source: craftberry bush

Turning Two

My S is two! 

It's not until I saw an old picture of her newborn days that I realize how much she has grown up. I find that she is no longer a helpless and immobile baby, she's now a very physical and chatty toddler. And she will be a preschooler before I know it. 

Several days before she turned two, we were successful at weaning her from breastfeeding, and she can sleep on her own without being lulled, rocked, or fed with bottle milk ever since. Goodbye waking up every two hours, hello sleeping through the night! 

Our weaning process was not as hard as I first anticipated, though it was indeed hard and heart-breaking for me to see her crying for the consecutive first three days. But that was all. On the fourth day we went cold turkey, my breasts engorged and I had to pump it manually by hand in front of her. After she saw me cry out in agony while pumping my breasts, she kept telling herself that mama's breasts are in pain and she avoided to touch and no longer asked me to breastfeed her too. She's such a sweet girl. 

On another note, S has latched on language early as she can clearly call papa and mama since she was 8 months old. Now at two, she can make full sentences consisting the subject, verb, adv, adj. But, to interact with other people here in Singapore is still a problem because S only understands Bahasa Indonesia as of now, so she doesn't really respond to people who try to talk with her in English. 

I am a first-time mother who believes that babies learn different things in different paces, so I  don't necessarily feel that I should showcase the milestones my baby has reached or worry too much about things she hasn't catched yet, as long as there's no red flags. Despite her being verbal and all, I still have to struggle with potty training. It's a homework I postponed to work on now because I am still digging for more information and searching the right method that would be best for us, and more importantly, collecting more patience and energy to do this. 

The Halal Supermarket

We used to buy our weekly groceries at nearest Giant or NTUC Fairprice supermarkets, but since these past three months, we go to Halal Hub Supermarket. We l buy chicken, beef, mutton, lamb meat, ice cream, without worry ever since. We heartily support this kind of business. Where else we can take out everything from the counter without thinking whether it's halal or not? 

Amazon Prime Now

Amazon has finally arrived in Singapore with its Prime Now app launched on last July 22. Products available for order on Prime Now range from grocery items, electronics, health & beauty products, toys & games, home & kitchen tools, to sport equipments.

As a self-claimed tech savvy person, my husband is so keen on to test it out and join the hype. So after it was launched, we aggressively scrolled the app to find something we can buy. My husband decided to buy himself Klipsch earphones and Plantronics Backbeat Go 2 wireless earbuds and I wanted to get my long desired kitchen tools, a cast iron skillet! We were happy to receive the delivery on our preferred time despite the fact that we had to wait for several days until the app resumed its delivery service after it was unavailable to cope the initial massive demands. 

Pre-seasoned cast iron skillet 

Coming Soon

The long awaited and highly anticipated new season of my favorite TV shows are finally announced to be released soon. 

I have been a huge fan of Mr Robot show since I watched the first episode of its first season. Thanks to my husband who offered me to watch this show while our then newborn baby was asleep :P.  Though I didn't really understand about hacking and the coding things, I liked it so much that it's a show about coding, hacking, and how it took up on the disappointment to the society we are in today. I can't really wait for its season 3 premiere on October 2017. Here's the trailer. It's no joke. 

It's official that we will return to the park soon in 2018 as Westworld's makers announced a statement about its second season. Believe it or not but the first time I watched this show, I was punched by the thoughts that were brought into my mind. I felt as if I was reminded of the fact that we all humans are created (by our Creator) and the nature of our existence in the world, this made me think more about the yearning of the meaning of this life. Though I found that this show's a bit brutal and sore to my eyes, I will be patiently waiting for the next season. Here's it's Comic-Con trailer

After a little drama of cancellation, Timeless, a TV show about time travel and conspiracy to change the world's history, will be continued as they are working on making another season now. Hopefully it will be aired anytime in the first half of 2018. 

image sources: #1#2#3

S.E.A Aquarium

My daughter is a big fan of fishes, that she's first introduced from the books I read her. Even "ikan" was among her first ten words. We had a chance to visit S.E.A Aquarium in Sentosa last weekend as we're given three entrance tickets by my cousin for free since it's expiring soon on September,  she wouldn't be able to make it here as she will be having a baby at the end of this month insyaAllah. So fishes, we are coming! 

S was so amazed by the wide range of the fishes and other sea animals, she kept pointing and looking to them and couldn't stop running from one aquarium to another. Alhamdulillah, we were all happy that day! Thank you Uncle A, Aunt D, and Brother A. We hope to see you again soon with the new baby. 

Being Mother is Hard

Sometimes people ask me which is harder - being a Working Mom or a Stay-at-home Mom? Well the truth is... Just being a mother is hard. It doesn't matter if you are stuck at home the whole day facing loads and loads of laundry and dirty dishes and the never-ending dirty diapers, or if you are stuck in the office worrying whether your child is having his meals taken care of and thinking of the housework that awaits you when you get back.
When you are a stay-at-home mom, you have all these expectations to keep the house clean all the time and for you to cook delicious meals every day and keep your children busy with activities and WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY YOU LET THEM WATCH TV?? What a bad mother you are!!
And when you are a working mom, you find yourself calculating how much time you spend after work playing with the kids and how much time to spend on housework, and not to mention, THE GUILT. The best person to take care of the kids is the mother, you know. Yes you can hear all these voices, you hear them loud and clear.
But let's face it. Being a mother, regardless of whether you are working or not, already comes with a set of challenges unlike any other that you have encountered in your life. You are raising human beings who will grow up and have to live in the society. You need to ensure that not only do they survive, they have to be equipped with skills, knowledge, religious knowledge, manners, common sense, la di da di da.. Just being a mother is tough. Period.
So let us take a moment to appreciate the hard work that is motherhood and don't engage in those I-have-it-harder-than-you competitions. All of us have it tough, all of us are struggling, and that is what makes this journey of motherhood beautiful. The struggle that is for the sake of Allah will insyaAllah have its rewards. :)

Received this message from my friend T who is a fellow stay-at-home mother living in Singapore with husband and a daughter, just after I told her my insecurities being a dependent housewife and the feelings of lethargy and weariness facing motherhood (hello toilet training, breastfeed weaning, sleep training, etc). T and I have been friends since Uni days and I'm glad that through all the years of growing and changing, she's still someone who always has positive vibes that she can pass on to others, including me. 

The message above brings me to a conclusion that as has been said by so many people, "everyone has their own battle", so I'll carefully try to choose my own battle and work it up passionately. We are all struggling and juggling with what we have, so stop looking down on ourself and comparing ourself to others. So we can avoid all the negative feelings. 

Little Reunion

One of my best friends from high school came to Singapore last week for a 3-days holiday with his wife. We met up at Merlion Park where it was crowded with people watching the rehearsal preview of National Day Parade 2017. The little reunion was then followed with a short visit and dinner in a shopping mall in west area. 

It was a nice time spent chatting, changing stories, and recalling old memories after our last encounter in my wedding reception more than four years ago. Even though we only got the chance to meet once in a blue moon like this, I am happy that I can still consider him my best friend, I can tell that from how we interact, which nothing much changed. Even my husband can get along together easily. :) 

I still remember a silly moment i shared with him where I was on a desperate situation having betrayed by someone I trusted the most at that time. I was driving when we were going together to see some of our high school friends and gave him a ride. I was triggered with anger when I told him about that infuriating experience so that I drove with an extreme high speed on the highway. It's funny to remember what he anxiously said even before I haven't finished scolding and spilling out my words, "Okay.. Okay, I know you're upset and angry, but please drive slower, I haven't gotten married yet". Haha goodness that now he's married! Although I wasn't there when he finally tied the knot, I'm happy to see that he has a lovely and cute wife. 

Till we meet again, buddy. Too bad we forgot to take a picture that day, so I'll just share an old one.

High School Squad (minus the girls) 

Marine Cove Children's Playground

Look at how we tend to take things in our life for granted, some simple things which we never realize that are very luxurious for other people. We may not be able to buy a car or even have our own apartment in Singapore now, but look around, there's a huge playground in our neighborhood where the children can play with friends, we can also go to the park along the coast line by walking or taking a bus less with than 30 minutes ride. Something that wouldn't be that easy to get if we live in Jakarta where the nearest and friendliest beach is Ancol. 

Marine Cove, a new children's playground with eating places was opened in East Coast Park since June last year. We went there once a week after it was officially opened. But at that time, S was still a crawling baby so she didn't really play much at the playground.  So, today we went there again to give S different playground as she already plays at our neighborhood's playground almost everyday in the weekdays. And it turned out great, she could play almost in all the play spots (except the tall tower since she still can't climb up the rope). 

Despite the scorching sunny day, S enjoyed playing and running. We also enjoyed our nasi lemak burger from McDonald's before we headed home. 

Maybe next time we can bring our swimming attire and let S try a little dip in the beach water.