Family Vacations

Note to Myself

Focus on what I have, 
not what I haven't got yet.  
Be grateful.

Just when I start feeling down, my daughter comes to me and kisses my lips.. repeatedly.
Every time I count my blessings, I'll count you thousand times! Thanks, baby!

State of Affairs

I just updated my resume on several job portals and drowned in thousands of vacancies, not because I want to go back to work again, but because I just want to help one of my best friends to go through her so called dream job hunt, or at least make sure that I am there accompanying her at this moment, like I always want to be. 

It made realize some *obvious* things that... 

Yay or Nay

Since baby S started to weigh 9+ kgs by the time she turned one, I felt tired and got back pain very easily every time we had to go out and about where I had to wear her using our 3 position soft structured baby-carrier. Well, I've actually considered buying a toddler size baby-carrier to overcome this matter though, but now believing that my back is the real issue, I don't think that another carrier is the best way to go. 

Given the fact that there is a new incredibly most compact stroller currently booming in the market, I begin putting my eyes on it. This, my friend.. Goodbaby Pockit.

source: Gb USA 

With all the good features it has there, we're still hesitant about buying it or not, because you know, it comes with a little expensive price (for us!) investing a third stroller (we got our two strollers from our family and friend as a gift btw, but still).

And then there's another brand that sells the pretty similar product, Cocolatte Pockit. Well, since I have ever seen these two products before (but not side-by-side), I can say that Cocolatte pockit is 90% same with Gb Pockit, both in the design and features. But I am not sure with the material though, my feeling says that the fabric material of Gb pockit (that I just saw a couple of days ago) is way softer than Cocolatte. Speaking of which, that makes a lot of sense why the price of Gb Pockit is 150% higher than the average price of Cocolatte pockit. But again, even though cocolatte pockit comes with a more affordable price, we are still hesitant to go for it, because first of all, regarding the safety issue. After several days searching and collecting information about this product from the Internet, I still can't find any official websites from the manufacturer and the Cocolatte brand. I'm still not sure whether it's a local company (ID) that manufactures and distributes the product with the same standard and specifications under official license, or it's merely the knock-off version of Gb Pockit. I would really like to know more about it so we can consider soon what to buy.

source: Toys Kingdom

As baby S is now officially a toddler this year, and everything is a lot easier and better for the three of us, I do hope that we can go and travel more often, because I think it's good to expose her to new space and see many new places. I could see that having a lightweight and easy to carry stroller will be a huge help during travel time.

So, third stroller, yay or nay?

Edited (April 10, 2017)
We decided not to buy this stroller because of several reasons.
First, we don't have space to put additional stroller in our apartment.
Second, we think our Combi stroller is enough and doing its job just fine.
Third, we visited to some local baby stores in Singapore to try this stroller, and we concluded that it's a bit too late as S is now getting bigger and heavier. The maximum weigh that it can carry is 15kgs, so we figured that it wouldn't be used more than 2 years from now.
Last, it's so light that I am worried about the firmness and endurance. And when in doubt, I don't proceed.

Edited (August 15, 2018)
We eventually bought a lightweight cabin size stroller, but it's none of the above. See my quick review of Mimosa Cabin City stroller here