5 on 5

Random things I am thinking now..

1) I am really looking forward to the next weekend as we'll be going on a family trip, just the three of us! 

2) These places are not new to us, especially me, since I have ever lived there for approximately 5 years during my childhood. And as for my husband, it's his mother's hometown. So it's gonna be like a little trip down memory lane for both of us. 

3) I am super excited that I am almost done packing our things. Clothes, blankets, towels, diapers,  and toiletries are already put in the suitcase. Don't get me wrong, I'm not like perfectionist A-blood type people who use to plan in advance and well-prepared (or so I heard about them), I am just too excited that I don't want to miss a thing and then make a little ruin to our holiday.

4) It suddenly makes me wonder about the blood type personality traits, does it still make sense to you? Because I can't really relate to it anymore now. My husband's personality traits and mine seem to be interchangeably switched.

5) Despite all the excitements, a large part of me feels regretful that we didn't ask our parents to join our holiday the first time we planned everything. I did tell my mother about this though, and she just said that this will be good for us, going on our own. Simply no fuss. But on my husband's side, I don't know that he hasn't told her mother yet, until this morning, when she finally got the news, she was a bit disappointed knowing that we won't stop in Jakarta first to bring her along before we go to the holiday destination. I know, rite? I know that this is going to happen. I know that my feeling was right that as the children of our parents, we don't deserve a holiday yet if we still couldn't fulfill their expectations, make them feel happy buying them things they love, bring them to holidays, give them money and all. It would be merrier if we go with more people and it will be lovely to bring family members though, but the thing is that we're on a very tight budget, we bought low cost carrier promo tickets, booked 3-stars hotels, and rented the cheapest-fared city car for this trip, that's what we only could afford. It's not that we are not willing to do something about it, but I am not sure that these reservations would fit their standard of comfort and hospitality. So I do hope that everyone will understand the case. And hopefully this trip would be enjoyable for us too, after all this foreword hassle.*sigh*