We Can Do It

Here is some quotes I read on replayrecycled IG account that I find very relatable for me right now as a SAHM of  my first born toddler. 

Even though I am doing this all by myself with my husband as the only support system I have here, I know that I am not alone in going through parenthood journey, that there are millions of mothers out there who are doing the same thing, that we all can do it, no matter how difficult it could be. 

A Day in Sentosa

I read from several parenting blogs that the Port of Lost Wonder has been closed on December 2016, but not so long after the closing, they opened a waterpark for kids on the same spot with a new name, Palawan Pirate Ship. And it's free of charge. Who doesn't love freebies? Hehe. So, on Vesak public holiday last Wednesday, we went to Sentosa. 

But unfortunately, the weather was not being nice to us that day, it was cloudy and a bit rainy. Instead of playing water in the pirate ship, we just walked by the beach and stopped by in a pavilion to have our homemade fried rice. The total cost for this picnic in Sentosa was nearly zero, we only had to pay for the bus fares from our apartment to Harbourfront Tower, and from there we took the cable car (which we still have one year unlimited pass until this end of next July). 

Even though we canceled the plan to play water at Palawan Pirate Ship, we did still have fun riding the beach trams and strolling around from Palawan Beach to Siloso Point. Absolutely will have another picnic another day in Sentosa. 

Let's go there, Papa!

One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure

This is Bobbi. A hand-me-down white teddy bear we got from my best friend T along with some useful baby accessories my daughter S was still 5 months old. Her then 3 years old daughter didn't really like to play with dolls so they gave it to us. 

It turns out to be a good thing now that S loves Bobbi so much, she treats him like her own brother. Bobbi is the first thing that she looks for every morning when she wakes up, Bobbi has to sit next to her on the table for mealtime, Bobbi should be sat on the floor with her during playtime, etc. My baby S has several other dolls I bought for her, but looking at the way she treats them, nothing compares to Bobbi. 

Just like in the picture below, this is when she shared her *crumbs of* muffin cake with Bobbi.

This somehow makes me think about doing the same. I like to keep our apartment clean and tidy because a messy home can easily increase my stress level. So, in order to maintain my own sanity I am okay to spend a lot of my time daily to clean the house and keep things organised in their own places. I've stored some unused baby/newborn items in the closets, like nursing pillow, breastmilk pump, baby gym, bottle sterilizer, diaper organizer, baby bather, newborn clothes, etc, so when someday I am going to use them again, I know where to find.  

But come to think again, I figure out that there are some stuffs that I don't want to use again when I have my second child someday, like the sterilizer, nursing pillow, baby bather, etc. They would be as useful as it's supposed to, but I am going to be fine without them. Why bother storing it myself for I-don't-know how long? There's a lot of expectant mothers around me that may need some of my unwanted stuffs.

This is it. In order to increase the quality of life by reducing stress of having so many belongings, I need to declutter those stuffs and hand them down to family and friends who need them more. Because just like Bobbi, one man's trash is another man's treasure.