Diaper Rash

Another misfortune that befalls us lately really got me so beaten up. Knowing that it's actually avoidable and it's beknown as the consequence of the decision I took, made me feel so bad about myself as S's mother.  

Several days ago S got an itchy rash in her diaper area. I know it's my fault since I deliberately gave her disposable diapers instead of her usual cloth diapers just because I didn't want to have this cloth diaper washing-drying-folding tasks in my to do list at least until Ramadan ends. 

It didn't get better even though I've given over the counter diaper cream for consecutive three days. I was so worried if it's a yeast or bacteria infection that I brought her to a pediatrician. Alhamdulillah the pediatrician confirmed that it's not fungus infection, he said it might be the result of her wet disposable diapers rubbing against her skin. 

It's already two days today since our visit to the clinic, but S still has this redness especially every morning that it made she wake up very early because she couldn't stand the itchiness. That's it, she's sensitive to the chemical used in her disposable diaper. I was so guilty as charged. Started this morning, I gave her diaper free time for 2,5 hours, hoping that her skin can breath a little and recover soon. 

Because of this mischance we have now, I promise to myself that after the Eid holiday has over, I will definitely begin the toilet training for S. I hope that before entering the age of two, she's toilet trained and diaper free. Let's see how it'll go. 

For now, I can only pray that her diaper rash will be totally gone soon before the end of this week as we'll be going to Jakarta.