Being Mother is Hard

Sometimes people ask me which is harder - being a Working Mom or a Stay-at-home Mom? Well the truth is... Just being a mother is hard. It doesn't matter if you are stuck at home the whole day facing loads and loads of laundry and dirty dishes and the never-ending dirty diapers, or if you are stuck in the office worrying whether your child is having his meals taken care of and thinking of the housework that awaits you when you get back.
When you are a stay-at-home mom, you have all these expectations to keep the house clean all the time and for you to cook delicious meals every day and keep your children busy with activities and WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY YOU LET THEM WATCH TV?? What a bad mother you are!!
And when you are a working mom, you find yourself calculating how much time you spend after work playing with the kids and how much time to spend on housework, and not to mention, THE GUILT. The best person to take care of the kids is the mother, you know. Yes you can hear all these voices, you hear them loud and clear.
But let's face it. Being a mother, regardless of whether you are working or not, already comes with a set of challenges unlike any other that you have encountered in your life. You are raising human beings who will grow up and have to live in the society. You need to ensure that not only do they survive, they have to be equipped with skills, knowledge, religious knowledge, manners, common sense, la di da di da.. Just being a mother is tough. Period.
So let us take a moment to appreciate the hard work that is motherhood and don't engage in those I-have-it-harder-than-you competitions. All of us have it tough, all of us are struggling, and that is what makes this journey of motherhood beautiful. The struggle that is for the sake of Allah will insyaAllah have its rewards. :)

Received this message from my friend T who is a fellow stay-at-home mother living in Singapore with husband and a daughter, just after I told her my insecurities being a dependent housewife and the feelings of lethargy and weariness facing motherhood (hello toilet training, breastfeed weaning, sleep training, etc). T and I have been friends since Uni days and I'm glad that through all the years of growing and changing, she's still someone who always has positive vibes that she can pass on to others, including me. 

The message above brings me to a conclusion that as has been said by so many people, "everyone has their own battle", so I'll carefully try to choose my own battle and work it up passionately. We are all struggling and juggling with what we have, so stop looking down on ourself and comparing ourself to others. So we can avoid all the negative feelings.