Little Reunion

One of my best friends from high school came to Singapore last week for a 3-days holiday with his wife. We met up at Merlion Park where it was crowded with people watching the rehearsal preview of National Day Parade 2017. The little reunion was then followed with a short visit and dinner in a shopping mall in west area. 

It was a nice time spent chatting, changing stories, and recalling old memories after our last encounter in my wedding reception more than four years ago. Even though we only got the chance to meet once in a blue moon like this, I am happy that I can still consider him my best friend, I can tell that from how we interact, which nothing much changed. Even my husband can get along together easily. :) 

I still remember a silly moment i shared with him where I was on a desperate situation having betrayed by someone I trusted the most at that time. I was driving when we were going together to see some of our high school friends and gave him a ride. I was triggered with anger when I told him about that infuriating experience so that I drove with an extreme high speed on the highway. It's funny to remember what he anxiously said even before I haven't finished scolding and spilling out my words, "Okay.. Okay, I know you're upset and angry, but please drive slower, I haven't gotten married yet". Haha goodness that now he's married! Although I wasn't there when he finally tied the knot, I'm happy to see that he has a lovely and cute wife. 

Till we meet again, buddy. Too bad we forgot to take a picture that day, so I'll just share an old one.

High School Squad (minus the girls)