Coming Soon

The long awaited and highly anticipated new season of my favorite TV shows are finally announced to be released soon. 

I have been a huge fan of Mr Robot show since I watched the first episode of its first season. Thanks to my husband who offered me to watch this show while our then newborn baby was asleep :P.  Though I didn't really understand about hacking and the coding things, I liked it so much that it's a show about coding, hacking, and how it took up on the disappointment to the society we are in today. I can't really wait for its season 3 premiere on October 2017. Here's the trailer. It's no joke. 

It's official that we will return to the park soon in 2018 as Westworld's makers announced a statement about its second season. Believe it or not but the first time I watched this show, I was punched by the thoughts that were brought into my mind. I felt as if I was reminded of the fact that we all humans are created (by our Creator) and the nature of our existence in the world, this made me think more about the yearning of the meaning of this life. Though I found that this show's a bit brutal and sore to my eyes, I will be patiently waiting for the next season. Here's it's Comic-Con trailer

After a little drama of cancellation, Timeless, a TV show about time travel and conspiracy to change the world's history, will be continued as they are working on making another season now. Hopefully it will be aired anytime in the first half of 2018. 

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