Rambling about Discipline

I am staying at my mother's house in Jakarta for some couple of weeks right now, a city where I ever lived for more than a decade in my youth, but still I consider this as leaving my little comfort zone back in Singapore. By leaving, I mean I have to experience myself all the problems that people here have to face every single day. I don't want to rant about traffic jam or how rude people are on the streets, it's so horrible but it's something we have to get over since years ago. I already wholeheartedly accept that as a pedestrian, I don't have the privilege of walking safely and pleasantly because I have to share my space with other rushing vehicles. But since one of my reasons here is to accompany my mother attending doctor consultations due to her health issues and I have to stay for a while at least until she gets back to her well condition, I have to spend a lot of time in the waiting room of hospital's polyclinic. And that's when I have been faced with another facts. 

First of all, I have to say that I am relieved to know that now there's a universal health care system that is working in my country. Though there's still a lot of lacks known (like, the long waiting time that I experienced myself), but still it's something that I am grateful for because it's beneficial to the citizens as now everyone has the same chance to access health care service, or.. so I thought.

But you know what, the problems with our society are not necessarily all caused by the government's bad performance to serve the people but also because we, the people, still don't have proper awareness in following the orders and keeping the rules. The lack of discipline is the problem of our people, and it's the cause of our failure to reach greatness.

This is a simple example that I saw yesterday at the doctor's waiting room, where there's a small play area provided for kids under 5 years old.  And there's this notice board in front of play area that states these following rules:

  1. No eating or drinking
  2. Keep this play area clean
  3. This play area is designed for children under 5 years old only
  4. Children must be supervised by an adult
  5. The hospital assumes no liability for any injuries that may occur when the children are not supervised by the guardian.

Everyone can easily read these rules, but when I was there waiting for almost four hours, most of the play area's visitors were so ignorant that they casually broke the rules.

Eating and drinking in the play area. Checked.
Littering and not throwing leftover to the waste bin. Checked.
Letting childen more than 5 years old play in the area, causing an infant push walker destroyed. Checked.
These older children were not supervised, obviously. Checked.

That made me so mad.

Seriously, guys. Parents. We are all role models to our children. How could this country become a great nation when parents like us don't know how to follow simple rules? I don't dare wondering what would our children be in the future. Look at first at what kind of parents they are the children of.

Now that makes me feel sad.

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Khairana Peanut Chocolate Cookies

Once she knew I was going to visit Jakarta two weeks ago, my best friend who lives in Yogyakarta ordered this peanut chocolate cookies from her friend and had it sent to my mother's house. Though I never heard of this brand before, I immediately fell in love the first time I had it in my mouth. And even my toddler loved it too she didn't want to stop munching unless I told her to. 😂 😂

From the feed of its social media platform, I can tell that the people behind Khairana know really well what they are doing, and they're doing great! 


Before I go to bed at night I usually reflect the day we just have passed through, in which I recall the things that we've done for the day. Most of the time I always find myself regretting lot of things I did that shouldn't be done. Just like today, I hate to remember how I yelled at my daughter because she spitted her food at breakfast, how I became angry and ignored her because she refused to have a nap in the afternoon, and how I shouted at her when she didn't listen to me (don't climb on the dining table!). Ah,  parenthood life. 

And at this time of the day I always end up feeling guilty and make me promise to myself that I won't do that ever again, which is rather difficult for me to do though, but I keep telling myself anyway that I should at least try yell less and be calmer every time things begin to work me up. Because even though my intentions are good (develop discipline, reduce risk of injuries, etc), yelling at my child just won't do.

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Parenthood is not easy, and it doesn't get easier. So they say. 

Toddler Toys

S has just received a present from her cute cousin sister A (and parents, of course) last week. It's something cool that we haven't heard of before. A's mother just said that it's puzzle toy and she hoped we'd like it when she met up at a restaurant. Having known that it's puzzle, we decided to open it later at home because we didn't want S to play it there and may lose some parts of it. It was already too late when we're back home, so we went to bed soon and waited until tomorrow.  

In the next morning after S had been bathed and had her breakfast, I helped her unwrapping the present. Whoa, we're so surprised that it's not the kind of puzzle that we could ever imagine before. It's called Magformers, the magnetic construction set.  
Magformers Sweet House Set (image source

Maybe I am a little bit biased about this, because as an architecture graduate (but not a professional architect) I always find building and construction appealing, even looking to the facade of the houses on the streets we passed by or the brochure of newly launched property development. But I can see that S has begun to enjoy exploring and building structure using simple bricks and construction toys like Lego and wooden blocks. S got hundreds of secondhand Lego Duplo bricks from her cousins and a themed set of  "Sofia the First" that she started to play with since the she's only 15 months old until now. 

As of today, her favorite toys are Lego bricks, Safari Stacking Cubes, plush and stuffed animals, and book with a set of colored pencils. As we don't let her watch the TV or play on the iPad, I'm satisfied that these toys can keep her attention for some good amount of time that I can leave her playing alone to get my household chores done before I join her again. 

Safari Stacking Cubes (image source)

Lego Duplo (image source)

However, the picture below is only toy that Mother of S is eyeing for now. This is a code for everyone who is planning to give present for S, because her father is still reluctant to let me buy it. Hahaha I know I know, no one actually reads this blog so this statement is kind of useless. And I know too that battery operated toys are not recommended by the experts for children developments, so it's not like that it is really worth having though. 

Leapfrog My Own Laptop (image source)

But who can resist the cuteness? Hehe.

About Traveling

Though I'm not a seasoned traveler, I think I can say that I ever once loved traveling so much when I was younger. It's not that I don't like to go traveling anymore now though, but stepping into a whole new life means new roles with different responsibilities and priorities. As a homemaker living in the most expensive city in the world with average household monthly income provided by the husband as the sole breadwinner of the family, traveling is not in the top of our financial goal list. We live frugally and have tracked every cent of our money for years, yet we're still struggling until now to settle our emergency fund. What about our child's education budget plan? Retirement fund? Well, it is still a far cry from *even* being planned. There is still a lot of effort we need to make. I still have to continuously remind my generous husband about saving by living modestly, and preach things like 'do not splurge and waste money to buy unimportant stuffs for no reasonable excuses', etc.

Hopefully we can save more to have all our priorities settled (or on its way to get there, at least) so we can move forward to get another goal (of mine) accomplished soon, to travel more often and visit more new places, hehe. Aamiin.

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