Rambling about Discipline

I am staying at my mother's house in Jakarta for some couple of weeks right now, a city where I ever lived for more than a decade in my youth, but still I consider this as leaving my little comfort zone back in Singapore. By leaving, I mean I have to experience myself all the problems that people here have to face every single day. I don't want to rant about traffic jam or how rude people are on the streets, it's so horrible but it's something we have to get over since years ago. I already wholeheartedly accept that as a pedestrian, I don't have the privilege of walking safely and pleasantly because I have to share my space with other rushing vehicles. But since one of my reasons here is to accompany my mother attending doctor consultations due to her health issues and I have to stay for a while at least until she gets back to her well condition, I have to spend a lot of time in the waiting room of hospital's polyclinic. And that's when I have been faced with another facts. 

First of all, I have to say that I am relieved to know that now there's a universal health care system that is working in my country. Though there's still a lot of lacks known (like, the long waiting time that I experienced myself), but still it's something that I am grateful for because it's beneficial to the citizens as now everyone has the same chance to access health care service, or.. so I thought.

But you know what, the problems with our society are not necessarily all caused by the government's bad performance to serve the people but also because we, the people, still don't have proper awareness in following the orders and keeping the rules. The lack of discipline is the problem of our people, and it's the cause of our failure to reach greatness.

This is a simple example that I saw yesterday at the doctor's waiting room, where there's a small play area provided for kids under 5 years old.  And there's this notice board in front of play area that states these following rules:

  1. No eating or drinking
  2. Keep this play area clean
  3. This play area is designed for children under 5 years old only
  4. Children must be supervised by an adult
  5. The hospital assumes no liability for any injuries that may occur when the children are not supervised by the guardian.

Everyone can easily read these rules, but when I was there waiting for almost four hours, most of the play area's visitors were so ignorant that they casually broke the rules.

Eating and drinking in the play area. Checked.
Littering and not throwing leftover to the waste bin. Checked.
Letting childen more than 5 years old play in the area, causing an infant push walker destroyed. Checked.
These older children were not supervised, obviously. Checked.

That made me so mad.

Seriously, guys. Parents. We are all role models to our children. How could this country become a great nation when parents like us don't know how to follow simple rules? I don't dare wondering what would our children be in the future. Look at first at what kind of parents they are the children of.

Now that makes me feel sad.

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