Toddler Toys

S has just received a present from her cute cousin sister A (and parents, of course) last week. It's something cool that we haven't heard of before. A's mother just said that it's puzzle toy and she hoped we'd like it when she met up at a restaurant. Having known that it's puzzle, we decided to open it later at home because we didn't want S to play it there and may lose some parts of it. It was already too late when we're back home, so we went to bed soon and waited until tomorrow.  

In the next morning after S had been bathed and had her breakfast, I helped her unwrapping the present. Whoa, we're so surprised that it's not the kind of puzzle that we could ever imagine before. It's called Magformers, the magnetic construction set.  
Magformers Sweet House Set (image source

Maybe I am a little bit biased about this, because as an architecture graduate (but not a professional architect) I always find building and construction appealing, even looking to the facade of the houses on the streets we passed by or the brochure of newly launched property development. But I can see that S has begun to enjoy exploring and building structure using simple bricks and construction toys like Lego and wooden blocks. S got hundreds of secondhand Lego Duplo bricks from her cousins and a themed set of  "Sofia the First" that she started to play with since the she's only 15 months old until now. 

As of today, her favorite toys are Lego bricks, Safari Stacking Cubes, plush and stuffed animals, and book with a set of colored pencils. As we don't let her watch the TV or play on the iPad, I'm satisfied that these toys can keep her attention for some good amount of time that I can leave her playing alone to get my household chores done before I join her again. 

Safari Stacking Cubes (image source)

Lego Duplo (image source)

However, the picture below is only toy that Mother of S is eyeing for now. This is a code for everyone who is planning to give present for S, because her father is still reluctant to let me buy it. Hahaha I know I know, no one actually reads this blog so this statement is kind of useless. And I know too that battery operated toys are not recommended by the experts for children developments, so it's not like that it is really worth having though. 

Leapfrog My Own Laptop (image source)

But who can resist the cuteness? Hehe.