Now and Then

Another meet up with my friends from Master's class last week. As far as I can remember, I think this was the first time ever we gathered together in a complete group after more than 4 years since we graduated. Geez, seriously. Were have we been all these times?

Well, since I went back to Singapore after Master's thesis final submission and continued living as a housewife, four members of the group got babies, one has just got married months ago, and another one is going to tie her knot in the next couple of weeks insyaAllah. The two guys enrolled themselves again in the same department pursuing PhD degree, the soon-to-be bride continues her career in her office, while the other three are currently being housewives. 

Thinking about then and now, I realize how life's a mystery, how we never know what the future can be. What if I took different decisions back then? Maybe a total different person I would become. But whatever I am defined today, I am so grateful that I took the right decision back then. Always remember that the future is still a mistery, so never give up on embarking it.

Hopefully we can find some other good time to meet like this again! ;) 

Chit Chat

Spent last Saturday evening with my friends after almost a year not seeing them,  though I regularly visited Jakarta every two months. Sigh, another sign of getting old. And there is this thing called traffic jam that I hate the most when talking about meet ups in Jakarta. Anyway, we had a good chit-chat time together.  It's nice to see you all again, girls. 

Second Home

It's been almost two months I stay in Jakarta. I do badly miss Singapore; my apartment, the playgrounds, wide streets, clean air, scorching hot sunny day, and all. My second home. 

Supertree's evening light show @ Garden by the Bay

Be Careful

As it becomes so easy to say or write everything in this high tech internet era and digital age, it's getting even easier too for us to be heard by wider audience and what we say or write could reach people miles away at the other side of the world in a matter of seconds.

Our words could be either helpful or hurtful. If we couldn't say something good, so don't say anything. For both online and offline, always be careful with what we put in writing. That is to say, always think twice before hitting the enter button. 


Both my husband and I are so blessed to still have our parents living their peaceful old-age life joyfully and healthily, seeing their children lead the life as grown ups and be the parents themselves. Thinking about this, I remember one of my posts back in 2010, where I wrote a list of short term life goals that I claimed as the realistic one. Well, looking to what I am today, I can only say that Allah has always been the best Planner for me all my life as He granted me better things than I ever asked for.

I've finally got my master's degree after all the letdowns that almost made me give it up, I have seen more new places and will visit many more insyaAllah, I married a nice and smart person with a specified level of religious commitment, good attitude and behavior, that I believe, has inspired me to be a better muslimah, which with him I have a beautiful child that we raise together, in one of the greatest cities where its streets are extremely safe and crime rates are low; Singapore. 

Although living in Singapore means that I can't always be by mother's side as  I am not living nearby, I am very thankful for the time and effort that my husband puts all the time when my mother needs me to be there with her. 

Can't you see how my husband is a good person, someone who acts and makes decisions based on religious backgrounds and sees syariah as the universal ethics of his life. Barakallahu fik

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Kdrama Shenanigans

Omo! Omo! Omo! Two weeks without anything posted here? I must have been very busy. Yeah right! For these past few weeks I spent my free time religiously watching some K-drama series, thanks to some fellow bloggers I follow who posted about Kdrama (and a stressful circumstance I have been dealing with). I was never a fan of K-Pop and K-drama ever in my life. The only drama I loved was Full House that I watched more than 10 years ago. And I never had any interest to watch any ever since.

It's not until last year when everyone talked about Descendants of the Sun and followed with Goblin, I gave them a try. Anyway, both of them were very good, but to my surprise, I could only wish I loved them. The first 12 episodes of DoTS were great, but I told myself to pretend that the last four episodes were not there at all, as for me, they were unnecessary. I wouldn't say much about Goblin, as everybody already knew that this drama was a hit and popular both among Korea and international audiences. With its talented actors, amazing visual, creative plot, and rich story, no wonder it gained success in the the viewership ratings, but unfortunately it's fantasy (romance) genre with immortal creature concept was not really my thing to begin with. It's just too odd for me.

Descendants of the Sun (KBS2) 

Goblin (TvN) 

Korean dramas I just watched these days  were Healer (action romance) and Oh My Venus (romance comedy). Healer has a more complicated whole plot while OMV's was a bit simple and predictable, but both of them were nicely done and I loooved them.

Healer (KBS2) 

Oh My Venus (KBS2) 

Even though there were crackles of logic connections and lacking in the writing, I still enjoyed them, especially how they delivered the strong chemistry between the main leads. I don't plan to rant more about my disappointments for these series here, because after all, just like someone wrote in a comment column here,
...guess what, ladies. It's all your fault. You got what you asked for. You always demand cute, cute, cute again and some more pretty. So why unhappy? That's exactly what Kdramas are doing now: catering to female audience badly deprived of experiencing "cute" feelings in real life. 

So, I think I will just forget my nonfulfilled expectations and enjoy these entertainments just they way they are. And I also think that  it's enough for now, I don't intend to watch another series (but would love to know any good series from Kdramalands!), at least as a beginner, I already have five Korean dramas under my belt. Not bad, right? Haha. Let's see!

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