Now and Then

Another meet up with my friends from Master's class last week. As far as I can remember, I think this was the first time ever we gathered together in a complete group after more than 4 years since we graduated. Geez, seriously. Were have we been all these times?

Well, since I went back to Singapore after Master's thesis final submission and continued living as a housewife, four members of the group got babies, one has just got married months ago, and another one is going to tie her knot in the next couple of weeks insyaAllah. The two guys enrolled themselves again in the same department pursuing PhD degree, the soon-to-be bride continues her career in her office, while the other three are currently being housewives. 

Thinking about then and now, I realize how life's a mystery, how we never know what the future can be. What if I took different decisions back then? Maybe a total different person I would become. But whatever I am defined today, I am so grateful that I took the right decision back then. Always remember that the future is still a mistery, so never give up on embarking it.

Hopefully we can find some other good time to meet like this again! ;)