My baby girl, you might not remember later that you were ever once there since you're still very young. So let's pray that we will someday be able to come back again, and again. 


We will be leaving Jakarta for a week tomorrow insyaAllah. Hopefully everything will be as planned. I'm a bit nervous about this trip because of so many reasons. But.. to a new place, let's go. 

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The story behind a data.
Getting information is one thing. But how it was created, where and by whom can often be illuminating.
Like most pics people post on Instagram or Facebook. They don't realize they just gifted whatever social media site their camera type, phone model, name and location.  All hidden inside the photograph's metadata.

- Elliot Alderson (Mr. Robot's Eps3.3metadata.par2) 

To My Recollection

A good thing about writing blog for me is that I have this one place where I can go to recollect old memories of what kind of person I was when I was younger, what kind of thoughts that racing in my mind, what kind of feelings that ever lingered for particular person, and what kind of circumstances I have been dealing with in the past. By reading my own old blog posts just now, I am thrilled to remember that I was once a brave, bold, and carefree person. 

Although my thoughts were always simple and shallow, I can say that back in my youth, I was that some girl who was full of motivations and dreams inspired by the people around me. Dreams as in achievements in life, obviously. I am a little bit lighthearted when I realize how I was surrounded by great people who loved and cared for me so much; my friends, colleagues, and family. I am delighted as well when I begin to understand that I loved them much more.

You see, even to a dearest friend of mine who betrayed and hurt me the most, I can still feel how grateful I am for the little blissfulness I felt at that time. I have decided to stop trusting this friend long ago indeed, but till now I still cherish the life lessons I've learned after enduring the pain caused. 

I would have never known about learning to love myself, taking another chance again, and growing up without the presence of the people like that. So, thanks to you, my dear friend. Wherever you are right now and whatever you do, I don't care. But I think I will always hope the best for you.

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