Our Responsibility

It's a bit embarrassing to admit this though, but I can't deny the fact that so far I have lived my life in my own bubble. As a housewife who stay at home most of the time with a toddler, my real problems are mere struggling with everyday's chores and sometimes drowning with my own thoughts about fears and life's uncertainty, albeit conveniently in our small apartment, without really knowing what's going on with the world, what's trending right now, and what people are talking about at the moment. Even though news can be widely spread out  by the growth of social media usage in this so called digital era, I still found myself have very limited amount of information about the world out there. It's only a fingertips away, but haven't I told you I live in a bubble?

I refused to read local news portals since the end of 2014 because the articles written there made me cringe. Until they wrote the details of an innocent girl's murder in Bali. It made me sick, I couldn't take it anymore.  I also decided to leave Facebook by deleting all people on my friend list and deactivating my account, because my Facebook feeds at that time were all hatred, 'wars', hoaxes, satire statuses, and all. It made me dizzy, I couldn't take it anymore. We don't subscribe TV cables in our apartment because we just don't want. I don't have dedicated time to watch TV anyway so it is not necessary to have cable after all. The only source of information is coming from the browser of my mobile phone. But again, as someone who live in a bubble, I only read news about things I want to know and leave the things I don't want to know behind.

But it was me yesterday, I want it to be just in the past. It's not right and I have to change, I need to open my eyes and see what's out there, because why? Because I am a mother whose daughter to be brought up and prepared to face the world well. How could I raise an agile and tough child if I don't know what kind of place she would be standing on her own at when I need to step aside later as she'll become an independent individual? How would I know what kind of strength and skills she'll need later to respond to the challenges of life if I don't even have any idea about the adversity and difficult circumstance happening in the world? 

I know that I won't be able to completely protect my children from the stress and hardship throughout her life, but I believe at least I should provide them with right tools to cope and deal with it. Well, in order to do that job properly as a mother, I need to be aware of my surroundings, our daily life, and whatever kind of things happen in world we live now. It's time to wake up.


New year, new month, new week. 
It's all the same brand new day where all of us should stop making excuse and start living the life we've been given responsibly.