Singapore Air Show 2018

After years living in Singapore, we finally went to Singapore Airshow 2018 on Saturday 10th February. We couldn't make it to those previous years for some reasons, but I think it's actually good that we  could visit it this year, because my daughter S is big enough to join us and already has interest and curiosity for vehicles and transportation such as motorcycles, airplane, helicopters, army tanks, etc. We arrived at the event venue very early around 9 in the morning, there were not so many visitors arrived yet so it's very convenient as it's not too crowded. We took a lot of time walking around the static aircraft displays where S was enthusiasticly running on the taxi way.

We then visited the exhibition hall and then to RSAF (Republic of Singapore Air Force) pavilion where my husband got a chance to hop on the flight simulators before we gathered outside  with other visitors to enjoy the aerobatic flying displays at 11:30 pm performed by RSAF, RTAF (Royal Thai Air Force), TNI-AU (Tentara Nasional Indonesia - Angkatan Udara) Jupiter, USAF (United States Air Force), and RMAF (Royal Malaysian Air Force) for approximately 45 minutes.

When the aerial display was done we stopped at the rest area nearby to have our packed homemade  lunch before we headed back home. A very nice day spent for the whole family. Looking forward to seeing the next airshow event in 2020! Hehe