The City @ I12 Katong

Two weeks ago we had a play date to The City at I12 Katong with my husband's second cousin who lives here in Singapore together with her husband and daughter. As usual, S was very shy and reserved when we met them at The Cit. This is definitely not our first meeting though, we just met them at an Eid-Fitr family gathering in Jakarta one month before but it took about an hour later when she finally could play and get along well with A, her third cousin.   

It's actually their second time going to indoor playground together, the first one was in Cul de Sac (Suntec City) about one year ago, so there's nothing much I could compare. But obviously, The City was smaller than Cul de Sac because it only has learning stations, no slides and tunnel, no tree house, etc. The learning stations consist of supermarket, cafe, health clinic, nursery, post office, classrom, beauty salon, road and traffic police. S and A spent most of their time playing in the supermarket and cafe. 

Supermarket's Cash Registers

Supermarket's milk section


Beauty Salon

Post Office


Health Clinic

Overall, both of the girls loved playing here. It's age appropriate for them, so they can explore, play, and run here and there on their own while parents had a good chat. ;) 

Personal Care

When I first found that I was pregnant four months ago, it really shocked me not only because I thought we kinda need medical intervention to conceive (like my first pregnancy with our daughter S), but also because I didn't prepare my body to carry a child. Like, I didn't regularly consume prenatal multivitamins and didn't pay attention much to the ingredients of skin care products that I used, where I started to be curious about skin care routine and products last year because I thought I need to begin treating my thirty-something old skin. Since then,I began to religiously use sunscreen, facial wash for acne prone skin, and anti-aging treatment. 

By the time I knew I was pregnant, I checked on the internet whether products that I daily used were safe or not, but I was shocked to learn that my over the counter sunscreen lotion which I believed was a best buy has ingredients that should be avoided by pregnant women; Retinyl Palmitate, Octocrylene, Metylparaben, and Propylparaben. In addition to that, my acne clear facial wash contained Salicylic Acid and my deodorant has Aluminum Chloride as its main ingredient. Though their effects on the pregnancy and for the unborn babies are still debatable, all of them are strongly recommended by the experts to be avoided during pregnancy, just to be in the safe side. Therefore, I stopped using my facial treatment products right away, and then the sunscreen lotion, facial wash, and the antiperspirant as well were thrown away to the waste bin.

Anyway, as I've ever mentioned in a post before, this pregnancy ended up in a missed miscarriage, and I'm back to square one again to seriously planning and trying to get pregnant. Here, I am not saying that the those ingredients in the products I used had some thing to do with the miscarriage, but as now that I'm moving forward, I have meticulously checked the products that I'm going to use on my skin, and made sure that they don't contain the restricted ingredients. Here are some products that can be considered safe I just started to use.

Mimosa Cabin City Stroller

When I saw Mimosa Cabin City stroller for the first time at Mothercare Baby Fair 2018 in last January, I thought to myself, wow this stroller is so small, so light, and so easy to fold. But back then, I didn't have any reasons to buy another stroller because we already felt content strolling with our Combi when we go out and about around Singapore. We don't usually bring stroller with us as well when we go travelling or visiting Jakarta. So we just passed the massive sale that Mothercare offered at the baby fair. But it's not until I knew I was pregnant on April, we finally decided to invest in smaller stroller so that it would be easier for me to pick up S from school. S's school is 500 meters away from the bus stop where we catch our bus, and our apartment is another 500 meters away from the nearest bus stop where we alight. Walking for about 1 km on the way back from school was still a hit and miss for S, sometimes she was keen to walk on her own, but most of the time she wanted to be carried. Me being pregnant and she being almost 14kgs, it would be more convenient to bring a stroller, considering that we can bring our open strollers on Singapore's public buses.

So we got a Mimosa Cabin City stroller for S at a baby fair held in Expo. It was on sale at that time, so instead of it's S$349 normal price, we paid only S$199! To think about it, I was so happy that we didn't impulsively buy any stroller last year when I complained to my husband about back pain and all, because we didn't know at all about Mimosa Cabin City, we only considered between Gb Pockit or Cocolatte Pockit. I am so happy we ended up with Mimosa Cabin City, because it is lightweight, firm, easy to fold, and the most important point; it has proper sunshade that really works in protecting from all day all year Singapore's abundant sun light. Its only minus point is that the front wheels are not so easy to maneuver, but this issue can be solved by elevating the front wheels when we are about to have extreme maneuver.  

Waiting at the bus stop

Mimosa Cabin is so light, it weights only around 4 kgs, even S loves to push the stroller when she wants to walk.

I found out that a lot of people stumbled upon my old post about lightweight strollers, but I'm sorry if I didn't provide any useful information there because I didn't happen to buy one of the discussed strollers. But here, after 4 months using Mimosa, I really recommend it for those who are looking for cabin size stroller. But do note that Mimosa Cabin City is most suitable for strolling around city's streets with smooth surface due to its thin wheels. 

Parenthood and Choices

Having been a mother for only three years has taught me a thing that the key to a restful motherhood is doing what works for both of you and your child, and making choices that you feel is right for your family. There's a lot of parenting styles and methods about how to parent out there, but there's no single particular parenting method that could exceptionally be the right fit for everyone. But of course without question, we need to know what those methods and styles are about. Research them first and then we can palpably choose one or two that we think will work best for us and make sense for our circumstances. 

For example, if you can't cloth diaper your child (because it's a lot of work, obviously), so just stick to disposable diapers (but do throw it responsibly, okay?). If you don't think early education is not necessary for your toddlers, so let them stay at home. If you have to hide vegetables inside your kid's omelette so that you don't have to go through any battle during mealtime, just do it. If screen-free home is impossible for you, then don't force it. And if giving your children access to your gadgets will buy you some time to have a little rest, go ahead. Those choices are all yours to make, as long as you are aware of the consequences of your decisions. Don't bother other mommies who can do all of those 'wonder woman' things with extraordinary superpowers all the while still somehow manage to not look like a sleep-deprived witch. 

Be honest with our own capacity, our priority, and what we think our children need the most from us, and then take it from there. Because only us mothers who know what's the best for our family. 

Anyway, I'm currently reading this book on Libby. It's quite interesting. 

Our Tampines Hub

Our Tampines Hub (OTH) is Singapore's first and largest integrated community and lifestyle hub developed  near to Tampines MRT station. We went there every Saturday since we visited it the first time last month. You know why? Because a day wouldn't be enough to explore this place. The first week, S spent most of the time playing at the temporary inflatable obstacle (the Gladiator Challenge) at the soccer field called Town Square, inclusive playground, indoor bouncy castle at the kids play zone. The next week, we brought S to the interactive swimming pool on the rooftop floor. And then, just last week, we spent whole time reading in Tampines Regional Library. One of our favorite thing about OTH is that Darul Ghufran Mosque is located just next to it, where we could have our Zuhr Prayer done conveniently. We usually went back to OTH to get our weekly groceries in FairPrice supermarket located on the basement after Zuhr prayer. Our visits were actually only half day, because after grocery shopping, S got tired and fell asleep on the way back home.

Anyway, besides those places I mentioned above, there are indoor jogging track, bowling center, rock-climbing center, activeSG gym, sports hall, tennis courts, futsal courts, and hockey court, for sport and recreation. Not to forget that beside interactive pool for children, they also have a competition pool, deep pool for water polo, training pool, wading pool, and jacuzzi pool.

For lifestyle and art, it has Eco-Garden on the fifth floor Festive Art Theatre for movie screenings and live performances.  There are a culinary studio and a community club interest group inside the library.

It also has various kinds of facilities for public like Community Club and Public Service Centre where residents can get the services from 12 government agencies, Festive Plaza; an open community space at the centre of the hub, Festive Mall, retail outlets with eateries and supermarket, and a family medical clinic and health centre operated by Eastern Health Alliance.

Town Square with the inflatables from Gladiator Challenge (the longest inflatable challenge)

 the inflatable obstacle from the Gladiator Challenge (the longest inflatable challenge)

Town Square, the soccer field

Interactive children pool

Jogging Track (spot my baby girl running there?)

Babies and Children Books area

Adult Lending area

Well, even though we don't stay around Tampines area, we are so happy to say that Our Tampines Hub is definitely our weekend destination! ;)

Panoramic view of Town Square