Parenthood and Choices

Having been a mother for only three years has taught me a thing that the key to a restful motherhood is doing what works for both of you and your child, and making choices that you feel is right for your family. There's a lot of parenting styles and methods about how to parent out there, but there's no single particular parenting method that could exceptionally be the right fit for everyone. But of course without question, we need to know what those methods and styles are about. Research them first and then we can palpably choose one or two that we think will work best for us and make sense for our circumstances. 

For example, if you can't cloth diaper your child (because it's a lot of work, obviously), so just stick to disposable diapers (but do throw it responsibly, okay?). If you don't think early education is not necessary for your toddlers, so let them stay at home. If you have to hide vegetables inside your kid's omelette so that you don't have to go through any battle during mealtime, just do it. If screen-free home is impossible for you, then don't force it. And if giving your children access to your gadgets will buy you some time to have a little rest, go ahead. Those choices are all yours to make, as long as you are aware of the consequences of your decisions. Don't bother other mommies who can do all of those 'wonder woman' things with extraordinary superpowers all the while still somehow manage to not look like a sleep-deprived witch. 

Be honest with our own capacity, our priority, and what we think our children need the most from us, and then take it from there. Because only us mothers who know what's the best for our family. 

Anyway, I'm currently reading this book on Libby. It's quite interesting. 

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