The City @ I12 Katong

Two weeks ago we had a play date to The City at I12 Katong with my husband's second cousin who lives here in Singapore together with her husband and daughter. As usual, S was very shy and reserved when we met them at The Cit. This is definitely not our first meeting though, we just met them at an Eid-Fitr family gathering in Jakarta one month before but it took about an hour later when she finally could play and get along well with A, her third cousin.   

It's actually their second time going to indoor playground together, the first one was in Cul de Sac (Suntec City) about one year ago, so there's nothing much I could compare. But obviously, The City was smaller than Cul de Sac because it only has learning stations, no slides and tunnel, no tree house, etc. The learning stations consist of supermarket, cafe, health clinic, nursery, post office, classrom, beauty salon, road and traffic police. S and A spent most of their time playing in the supermarket and cafe. 

Supermarket's Cash Registers

Supermarket's milk section


Beauty Salon

Post Office


Health Clinic

Overall, both of the girls loved playing here. It's age appropriate for them, so they can explore, play, and run here and there on their own while parents had a good chat. ;) 

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