The past couple of weeks, people who were ever attached to Path, a private social networking app, is grieving and paying their condolences as this former Facebook's rival app is closing down for good on 1st of October. The users who have ever posted anything there can still download their data until 18th of October, so even though I've deleted it from my phone since last year, I installed it again so I could have my data backed up. I am not that sad about this app shutting down, because all of those social networking apps are competing very tight with one another, for me they look all the same., Facebook, Instagram, Path, etc. I can't really see the differences anymore as they mostly have the same features, so why would people maintain all of those platforms while having one or two apps are already too much. I'm just saying though.

Anyway, I found this old photo of me from my Path account that my husband took when we were working out together at the gym back in 2014. Wow, it surely was one of the most luxurious things I've had before having S, I thought to myself. It would be nice if I could go and have time for this activity again, but, I'm not sure if I can squish it into my daily schedule, in addition to the fact that gym membership is very expensive too. Well for now, exercising at home with cardio workout youtube videos is more than enough. If you don't have time and too reluctant to spend money on gym membership, fret-not my friends, because there are a lot of workout videos to follow at home.
FitnessBlender and jessicasmithtv are some of my favorite youtube channels.

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