Quran Skills for Moms

My Sunday mornings since the last week of July were filled with having tajwid class at Al Falah mosque which was held by MuslimParents.SG. When my friend T informed me about this course that she's planning to join, I was a bit reluctant because the mosque is located in Orchard area which is quite far from where I stay, it approximately needs about one hour travel by bus/train. But I'm happy that at that time I eventually decided to join the course regardless that distance issue, because I do really have a lot of lessons learned. I usually think that at my age, I could already be able to recite quran because we've learned it when we're still very young, but little did I know that I actually didn't read it properly, as in with proper tajwid and correct pronunciation. From this class, I found out that I am still lacking here and there with tajwid, and still have some weaknesses with makhraj. After finishing the Basic Quran Skills for Moms class, I decided to join the Intermediate class right away. In the Intermediate course we practiced the tajwid that we've learned so far by reading the last 20 surahs of quran intensively

I really love this course because we learn in a child friendly environment, I could bring S to the class where she could also learn and see how quran class is conducted, so I hope later when we are about to enroll her to quran class for her age she would already feel familiar with it. And also here we actually learn not because we have to in order to get achieve high score, like we were when we're in school,  but it's all for our own sake. For us alone so that we can start recite quran properly.

Actually, as a staying at home mother of a preschool toddler, I feel that I need to have a proper basic knowledge of quran  reading in order to be a good first madrasah for my child. So, I fully recommended this course for fellow mothers who plan to teach their children to read alquran at home.

The highlights of this course are that the participants get the very basic understanding of how to read quran, starting from how to pronounce a letter with the right makhraj, something that we usually overlook just because we thought we already do it right since we had learnt it long time ago in our childhood. I also love the idea that the teacher brought where we don't need to memorize all the letters and the tajwid rule names, but only just by looking at the marks like sukun, tanwin, and all.

I hope I could continue my quran learning journey after these courses. Still trying to find the suitable one, hopefully soon insya Allah.

The Little Things

The time of our lives flies so fast that sometimes when life's good we want to freeze the moment and enjoy it a little bit longer, and when we're going through a hardship we feel like to fast forward the time so we don't have to suffer more. Anyway; to stop, to rewind, or to fast forward won't help us wholly grow as a human, someone who can endure adversities and cherish felicities that life can give through times. Pursuing happiness and prosperity doesn't necessary mean we have to avoid pain and misery at all cost. It's kind of given that good and bad things occur in turns through out our life, because we're imperfect human after all. We could always get a lesson or two from both the good and the bad things in our life as they happened for a reason.

I remember this one day years ago when my husband  gave  me a bookmark with a quote on it, he hoped that I wouldn't be so upset about our condition at that time, where we were just starting to build our life as a family and struggling both financially and mentally to face infertility issues. It quite worked at that time because I believed that as long as we have each other's support, we're going to be able to deal with that hardship just fine. This quote somehow is still relevant to me today though. As to what I've been scared of, we apparently have to acknowledge that we now have secondary fertility. I hope I could manage to stand up right and go up this time around, as now we're still staying solid together and have our first lovely bundle of joy. 

Do enjoy the little things in life, for one day we will look back and realize that they were the big things.

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Toilet Training Pt.4 (End)

our lovely cloth diaper stash

One of the most anticipated days as a mother for me has finally come. I knew we can eventually do it, after witnessing my baby's first steps at the age of 13 months, the day where she didn't ask for breast milk at the age of 23 months, and now it's the moment I can proudly say that my girl is already properly toilet trained at the age of 33 months. Properly trained as in she already knows that her pee and poo should go to the toilet and she can't strictly pass them at any other places, so she has no more accidents by far. 

Now looking back to the time when we're still trying and trying, where there's a lot of yelling (me), crying (her), and accidents (of course), we could have made it a lot easier if only I knew that the success secret to peaceful toilet training process is only two. The caregiver's patience and their willingness to totally ditch the diapers. Once we don't have any diapers left, we have to other choices to just patiently continue training our little ones day and night. With this one no-turning back point since the very first time we start toilet training, I kinda believe that toilet training is not that hard.  

Early Reading and Numeracy Skills

I'm not really sure about whether it's beneficial or not to have early reading and numeracy skills for toddlers. But, as long as she is eager to learn by herself and is having fun doing it, then let's go. As parents, all we can do is to facilitate, and just let them lead their way.