Sunday's Sunniness

My best friend since the earliest day of university, F, came to Singapore for a short holiday, and last Sunday we strolled around Garden by the Bay, Marina Bay Sands, and Singapore River. We really had a blast! My daughter S could get along very well with F, something that she rarely did, because she's a very shy girl, especially when meeting new person. Well, F is not really a new person though, they have met a couple of time when she was 1 and 2 years old. 

F is one of my old friends I knew for almost a decade and half that's still as kind, genuine, and cheerful as he was. A true gem.

Being Grateful

Sometimes, being grateful is something that's easier said than done. 
We have a lot of things to be grateful for, yet we keep complaining that things always come in a rather tough way to us, or worse, it looks like nothing is going our way.  We tend to compare our life and its difficulties with other people's life who seem doing it just fine. 
Well, who am I kidding? In my case, I know very well that no one's life is all happy and dandy. Everyone has their own problems that they just don't show it to the world, they try to solve them behind the scenes. And because of we don't see their struggle, we simply assume that they are leading a good blessed life that we all yearn to have.
Back in my youth, my mother told me to always look in the people who have less than we do, the one who is less fortunate, so that we can be more grateful with what we have and stop complaining things. This worked well years ago when I was still young. And might still be relatable for now, but as I have gone through some trials and tribulations in my life lately, I begin to relearn to that being grateful is to focus and appreciate the things I have, no matter how little they are compared to others.
Every time I feel low, I said to myself, though things are hard at least there's a bunch of people out there coveting this modest life I'm living.

Time to Turn

Visit to the Dentist

S's first dentist appointment was made last July when I found out that the brown spot on her front teeth might be a kind of tooth decay. I chose to visit School Dental Centre by Health Promotion Board because it's a dental clinic for kids, so I thought the doctors and nurses should already know how to face children, especially the young ones like S who has never went to dentist before. Well, we got the slot on August, about five weeks after I made the call, which actually was a lot of time to let S know and make her figure out what dentist is. But unfortunately, when the day's come, though she said that she would be okay and would't cry, she eventually cried, almost 20 minutes at that. The young and friendly dentist tried to talk to S out, she gave her everything she had at the clinic, like stickers, toothbrush, etc. S finally stopped crying after I told her (in bahasa) that we're not going anywhere if she doesn't want to open her mouth and show her teeth to the dentist. It really worked like wonders though, she opened her mouth and the dentist asked S to join her in counting her teeth. The dentist confirmed that the brown spot on the front teeth as tooth decay, so she suggested to have it treated with filling treatment on the next visit. We made appointment for the treatment and needed to wait for another five weeks to get a time slot. This was another a lot of time to talk to S about the treatment, to make her understand that her cooperation in behaving was very much expected. My friend T suggested me to read books about dentists to S, who knows it would work out well. 

These are the books that I borrowed from the library, alhamdulillah it really worked. When we visited the dental centre for our second appointment, S was being good and very cooperative the whole time during the treatment, I know very well that having metal instruments in our mouth is very daunting for us adults, let alone for kids. But she nailed it! S's tooth decay has been treated, so no more brown spot. "You're a good girl and you're pretty again. now!" I said to her after the procedure was done. Haha. The dentist gave her a sheet of stickers too.

As someone who has tooth decay history, she needs her teeth to be checked again in another four months and in the meantime it should be brushed twice a day with toothpaste that contains enough flouride. This one is recommended by the dentist for S to use.