When I was in my first year of high school, I fell in love with literature, poems especially. Then it was only right that at that time I chose school magazine as my extracurricular activity, I even interested in going to literature class as my major for my third year. It didn't happen, though, I finally went to science class because I was still loyal to my childhood dream in becoming an architect who designs houses and buildings.

My childhood dream did come true as I was accepted to the so called most coveted architecture school in the country, but only partially because I didn't end up being a professional architect after I graduated. But one thing I had to admit though, if I think about it now, I love the time I spent studying architecture, because it's so poetic in a way I couldn't explain. I didn't just learn how to properly make comfortable space for people to live in by doing measurement and calculation, but also how to think about that space in a way that is absurdly romantic —and poetic, for that matter. Oh no, I missed the poetic of architecture, all of sudden.

Anyway, few days ago I stumbled upon a poem while browsing the internet. It's one of my favorite poems from high school, I might say. I still remember how strong it influenced me back than when my teacher had this poem musicalized in the class. Even without the musicalization, it still does.
Perjalanan Kubur - Sutardji Calzoum Bachri
watercolor leaves image is Brochure vector created by BiZkettE1 -

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