Hearts Turned

It's the third week us living in Indonesia and it still feels just like a holiday visit, because of the raya festivity and all, I suppose.

After all the hassle of packing and removing things from our former apartment in Singapore I did for the last two months before we moved out, our moving to Jakarta really doesn't feel somewhat unbelievable, but somehow sometimes I do wonder about the sudden change that just happened in our life.

If you asked me months ago at the beginning of this year, I didn't think I would say yes when my husband told me about us moving to Indonesia. Because you know, all these years, every time I arrived in Jakarta it seemed like there's always this big flashing neon sign blinking the words "I am not gonna ever go back here" in the back of my mind after all the sanity-wrecking shitty things we experienced even when we just landed at the airport. Yet, here I am, admitting that in this life we had we could always make plans, but it's always Him who eventually decides what's going to happen. It's Him who turns our heart as he wills; that despite all the inconveniences we've dealt with (and still will have to face), we came to believe that, for a greater good, it's better to move here.

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