Bug Off

Some people may think I'm worthless and just a good-for-nothing because I'm not smart enough, kind enough or even not attractive enough for them (I know I never was and perhaps never will be). Which is fine, it's their opinion, they are entitled to their own opinion, are they not? I hate to say this though, but to be honest, in the past, those kinds of people always found their way to bring me down by repeatedly attacking my confidence and self-esteem which led to me losing the meaning of self-love.

But now, I've learned the hard way trying my best to ignore and get rid of such people from my circle, because you see, somehow, there are these reasonable evenhanded people out there still quite aware of my potential and keep believing me for it. Why bother giving my previous time to those toxic people? Don't. Not anymore.

Well, I used to drift in the dark —not loving myself enough so as to let people make me down. But now the light has come shine before me, leading me to be someone who is better at taking good care of her own self. As I'm just learning how to put myself first in every situation I face, everything else can bug off.

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